Does therapy really work?

Simply put, you get out of therapy what you are wiling to put into it. It is a collaborative relationship where both parties (therapist and client) put in a lot of work. It takes much more than coming to sessions once a week to make long term changes. You will be expected to practice skills you are taught in session, outside of session, reading suggested articles, and/or doing self-care. If you are not willing to put in the time and energy needed, you can expect little improvement.

How long does therapy last?

Each individual’s situation is different. There is no set time frame for therapeutic services. Where as one person may see the results they are looking for in six months, it may take another person a year or longer, and that is perfectly fine. Therapy is not a race. After a few sessions, a treatment plan is composed that is individual to your needs. This will serve as a “road map” of our journey together. It will help us “stay on track” so we can meet your goals as efficiently as possible.

How often will we meet?

Therapy sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis as therapy works best when there are consistent sessions that allow for growth and change to take place. Over time, when goals start being met and substantial growth is shown, we will discuss bi-weekly appointments. The end goal of therapy is discharge. When that time nears, you will be an active participant in that conversation.

Is what I share with you private and confidential?

Absolutely, with only the exception’s required by law such as abuse and safety concerns. Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

How do I know if you are the therapist for me?

It is very important that the therapist and client are a good fit and choosing the right therapist for you is a personal decision only you can make. The best way to determine if you and I will be a good fit is to book an intake session or ask to come by for a short visit to view the office and share introductions. While there you want to make sure you listen to your gut instinct. Ask yourself does the environment feel warm and welcoming to you? Were you given a friendly reception? Can I see myself trusting and sharing personal and often difficult details with this person? You can also call and we can chat over the phone.

What is the cost of therapy services? I have heard therapy is expensive.

Therapy is, no doubt, a financial commitment. I like to view therapy as an investment in your future. Imagine having a skill set in place to help you feel confident with situations that arise in the future for the rest of your life! That is a feeling that could be priceless. As with any major cost to your budget, it is important to research your options. My self-pay rate is $125 a session. If you have BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield), your cost will vary depending on your copay, if any. We can discuss in greater detail over the phone. I do provide superbills for OON so you to seek reimbursement through your insurance.

How do I schedule an appointment with you?

You can schedule an appointment with my by phone or by email. I typically respond within 24 hours with the exceptions of the weekends. You may leave a voicemail if I do not answer.

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