Group Therapy

Safe Exchange of Differing Viewpoints

Group Therapy Sessions in Sachse, TexasGroups brings together individuals for the safe exchange of differing viewpoints.  It alleviates the feeling of being alone and creates supportive bonds. When people come into a group therapy setting and interact freely with other members in the group, they usually recreate those difficulties that brought them together in the first place. Under the direction of Counselor Jennifer Hughes, the group is able to give each other support, offer alternatives, and comfort the other members of the group in such a way that difficulties become resolved and alternative behaviors are learned. Our group therapy sessions promote an open and accepting community that welcomes all.

Each group is scheduled as needed.

  • Middle School Teen Girls Support Group
  • High School Teen Girls Support Group
  • DBT Skills Group

Looking for a DBT Therapist? Although I may employ a variety of treatment modalities to assist my clients in reaching their goals, DBT is considered the Gold Standard for many mental health disorders. If you are specifically looking for DBT, I offer individual and/or group skills sessions for teens, families and adults.

I have extensive experience and training in the area of NSSI (Non-Suicidal Self Injury). I have individual and group sessions available for this population.

Individual, Family & Group Therapy

Counseling in Sasche, texas

I am Counselor Jennifer Hughes and I provide professional therapy sessions for individuals and families. I like to help you address your concerns in a nonjudgmental and compassionate way. Seeking out therapy to address your problems can be difficult for anyone. I commend you for taking the first step and I hope I will be able to make the process a little bit easier for you.

If you live in Sachse, Wylie, Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, Plano, Mesquite and surrounding areas and you need individual or family counseling, EMDR Therapy, or DBT Therapy contact me today. I provide a compassionate non-judgmental therapeutic session, that allows you the freedom to achieve your best life.    

Counseling Services

Jennifer Hughes Counseling

I am invested in using the training and learning I have developed through study and experience to help you and your family. I will both accept you where you currently are, as well as help you acknowledge that change needs to take place. Change is needed in order for you to become more functional in day-to-day life.

DBT  |  EMDR  |  Adolescent Issues  |  Anxiety  |  Depression  |  Family Conflict  |  Anger Management  |  Behavioral Issues  |  Self-Esteem  |  Life Transitions  |  Grief & Loss  |  Communication Skills

Counselor Jennifer Hughes helps families and individuals of all ages

by providing counseling and wellness services that foster healing, inspire growth, and renew hope.